Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Wounded Soldier Book Two Fight for Love Tour Schedule

My Wounded Soldier Book Two Fight for Love
Tour Schedule

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7/25/2015 A Book Addict’s Delight Promo
7/25/2015 Books and Warpaint Promo
7/25/2015 Fictional Rendezvous Book Blog Promo
7/25/2015 Morning Books & Coffee Promo
7/25/2015 Scandalous Book Blog Promo
7/25/2015 Trina’s Tantilising Tidbits Promo
7/26/2015 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, &, Sissy, Too! Promo
7/26/2015 A Dirty Book Affair Promo
7/26/2015 Books For Fun Promo
7/26/2015 Imaginative Dreams Promo
7/26/2015 multitaskingmommas Book Reviews Promo
7/26/2015 Nerd Girl Official Promo
7/26/2015 Rustys Reading Promo
7/26/2015 Shooting Stars Reviews Promo
7/26/2015 Triquetra Reviews Promo
7/27/2015 A girl who loves books Promo
7/27/2015 BookSkater Promo
7/27/2015 In The Pages of a Good Book Promo
7/27/2015 My Book Obsession Promo
7/27/2015 Short and Sassy Book Blurbs Promo
7/27/2015 Twinsie Talk Book Reviews Promo
7/28/2015 Addicted to crazy, sexy books Promo
7/28/2015 BookwormBridgette’s World Promo
7/28/2015 Cajun Book Lover Promo
7/28/2015 JaM Book Blog Promo
7/28/2015 Mythical Books Promo
7/28/2015 Smokin’ Hot Books Promo
7/28/2015 undercover book reviews Promo
7/29/2015 Agapa Reads Promo
7/29/2015 ByoBook Club Promo
7/29/2015 Jazzy Book Reviews Promo
7/29/2015 Naughty Book Eden Promo
7/29/2015 Smut Fanatics Promo
7/29/2015 We Love Kink Promo
7/30/2015 Amanda’s Blog! Promo
7/30/2015 Celticlady’s Reviews Promo
7/30/2015 julie juicy book blog and review Promo
7/30/2015 Ogitchida Kwe’s Book Blog Promo
7/30/2015 Padme’s Library Promo
7/30/2015 StarAngels Reviews Review
7/30/2015 Word Forward Promo
7/31/2015 Author Sandra Love Promo
7/31/2015 Channelling Colee Promo
7/31/2015 Kristy Centeno Promo
7/31/2015 Once Upon an Alpha Promo
7/31/2015 Sultry, Steamy Reading Promo
7/31/2015 WS Momma Readers Nook Promo
8/1/2015 BabyCakes Book Blog Promo
8/1/2015 Claudia Burgoa Promo
8/1/2015 Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews Promo
8/1/2015 Pinky’s Favorite Reads Promo
8/1/2015 Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics Promo
8/1/2015 Your Favorite Book Corner Blog Promo
8/2/2015 abibliophobia anonymous book reviews Promo
8/2/2015 BeanieBrain Reader Promo
8/2/2015 Coast to Coast Book Divas Promo
8/2/2015 Library of the Seen Promo
8/2/2015 pnr book lover reviews Promo
8/2/2015 The “E” motioned News Promo
8/2/2015 Vagabonda Reads Review
8/3/2015 bfd book blog Promo
8/3/2015 Cover to Cover Book Blog Promo
8/3/2015 Got Nikki? Promo
8/3/2015 LibriAmoriMiei Promo
8/3/2015 Ramblings From Beneath the SHeets Promo
8/3/2015 The Avid Reader Promo
8/4/2015 Book Boyfriend junkies Promo
8/4/2015 Crafty, Wicked & Crazy Book Blog Promo
8/4/2015 Literary Treasure Chest Promo
8/4/2015 Readers Heaven Promo
8/4/2015 The Book Fairy Reviews Promo
8/5/2015 Book Boyfriends Rock Promo
8/5/2015 Cowboys ‘n Country Review
8/5/2015 Cu’s eBook Giveaways Promo
8/5/2015 Little Red’s Book Reviews Promo
8/5/2015 Renee Entress’s Blog Promo
8/5/2015 The Phantom Paragrapher Promo
8/6/2015 Book Loving Pixies Promo
8/6/2015 Books and Authors Review
8/6/2015 Daydream Believer Book Blog Promo
8/6/2015 Lost In a Book Promo
8/6/2015 Romorror Fan Girl Promo
8/6/2015 This Redhead LOVES Books Promo
8/7/2015 Books and Fandom Promo
8/7/2015 Counselor Stories Review
8/7/2015 Erotica Book Nymphos Promo
8/7/2015 Jess Molly Brown, Author Review
8/7/2015 Love Bites & Silk Promo
8/7/2015 Sapphyria’s Book Reviews Promo
8/7/2015 Those Crazy Book Chicks Promo

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