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Finding My Thunder wins Honorable Mention at 2015 New York Book Festival

Finding My Thunder won Honorable Mention
2015 New York Book Festival!
Congratulations Diane Munier !!!

Finding My Thunder

Honorable Mention
2015 New York Book Festival
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Diane Munier
The story takes place in the late sixties. Hilly Grunier has been in love with Danny Boyd since she was a kid telling scary stories on
summer nights at the fire hydrant while Danny pulled close on his bike. But when Danny is thirteen, their friendship ends when he and his brother Sukey have a vicious fight over Hilly.
Years pass, and Hilly carries a secret and growing love as she watches Danny rise athletically to the top of their school’s food chain. He even dates the prom queen and rumor says they are engaged.
Now Danny has graduated and shows up in her dad’s shop looking for some temporary employment until the army picks him off for Vietnam. He’s thrown aside his college scholarship and the golden girl. He seems to be searching for something new before he leaves town. He seems to be searching for her. Hilly can’t let him go overseas without showing him how she feels. But once he’s gone, her own battle intensifies. It’s a long road to finding her thunder.


New York Book Festival : 2015 Winners list

NEW YORK_ A novel about two people who abruptly leave their friends and family and begin life anew as innkeepers in the Adirondack Mountains is the grand prize winner of the 2015 New York Book Festival.
William Loizeaux’s “The Tumble Inn” (Syracuse University Press) is the story of Mark and Fran Finley, two high school teachers who decide they need a change. They find a job as caretakers of an inn on a secluded lake, and they muddle through their first season, serving barely edible dinners and struggling with the daily tasks of running a business.
But there is a curve in their bucolic existence, and soon Mark must choose between his old home in New Jersey or rebuilding his life in the mountains. This moving drama, which examines home and the fragility of love, is a powerful and honest work that has an elegant economy in its observations.
Loizeaux and the other authors and publishers will be honored at a private reception in Manhattan on June 19 at the Grolier Club.
Other winners in the competition:
WINNER: “Crazy Lesbo Poetry” – Samm Panos
RUNNER-UP: “Kinyamaswa: An Epic Poem” – Andreas Morgner
  • “Split the Crow” – Sarah Sousa
  • “Love & Bliss” – Yogi Amrit Desai
  • “Vanilla Milk” – Chanel Brenner
  • “Dreaming My Animal Selves” – Helene Cardona
  • “Facing the Circle” – Carroll Blair
  • “The Dragon in the Room” – J.K.E. Rose
  • “Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored” – LaDonna Marie Cook

WINNER: “After the Wind” – Lou Kasischke
RUNNER-UP: “Peter O’Toole: Hellraiser, Sexual Outlaw, Irish Rebel” – Darwin Porter/Danforth Prince
  • “Crazy is Normal” – Lloyd Lofthouse
  • “Tears for My City” – Dean Dimitrieski
  • “Modern Irish Essays and Reflections” – Imelda Cummins Demelkon
  • “Inching Back to Sane” – Leif Gregersen
  • “Rowdy” – Christopher Madsen
  • “Abby’s Road” – Michael Curry
  • “Henry Darrow: Lightning in a Bottle” – Jan Pippins
  • “Mom Taught Values with Quotes and Proverbs” – Phyllis M. Boyce
  • “Running in Heels” – Mary A. Perez
  • “Determined” – Avraham Perlmutter
  • “Czar Nicholas, The Toad and Duck Soup” – Elizabeth Amaral
  • “The Stovepipe” – Bonnie E. Virag
  • “Nichijo: The Testimony of John Provoo” – John Oliver/Nichijo Shaka
  • “The Peace Angel” – Nola Hennessy
  • “Self-Portrait: Patterns of Choice, Picture of Change” – Patrick J. Hodgeman
  • ”Misdiagnosed: The Search for Dr. House” – Nika C. Beamon

WINNER: “The Tumble Inn” – William Loizeaux
RUNNER-UP: “Widow Walk” – Gerard LaSalle
  • “Released from the Shadows” – Donna Kantor
  • “The Dogman Cometh” – Jonathan Womack
  • “Remedy for a Broken Angel” – Toni Ann Johnson
  • “In Wilderness” – Diane Thomas
  • “A Crate Full of Lemons” – Lloyd Gordon
  • ”Divine Roosters & Angry Clowns” – Frank Crimi
  • “Miracle Girls: A Novel” – M.B. Caschetta
  • “Near Somewhere” – Edward Cozza
  • “Summers in Bayville” – Louise Gaylord
  • “Elemental” – Tara Mantel
  • “I Truly Lament” – Matthias Freese
  • “Games of Mind” – Dennis Quiles
  • “Project Nephili” – T.L. Farmer
  • “Forever Yours” – J.T. Twerell
  • “The Lion Tree, Book I” – Owen Thomas
  • “Brutus” – Leonard Vernon Sacks
  • “Bucky of Belgravia” – Alden Douglas
  • “All That Remains” – Donald L. LeBrun
  • “Anvil of God, Book One” – J. Boyce Gleason
  • “Sunny Kincaid” – Penelope Kahler Swan
  • “To Be the Daughter of Two Worlds” - Gita Bhattacharji
  • “The Outreach Committee” – C.L. Woodhams
  • ”Last Call” – Paul Parisi
  • “Savior’s Day” – Alan A. Winter
  • “Finding My Thunder” – Diane Munier
  • “Three Movements for Six Hands” – Terry Row
  • “Borderland Bondage” – L.L. Byars
  • “The Music Book” – Dave O’Leary
  • “Treasure” – Vanessa Leigh Hoffman
  • “Premortal” – Damien Passmore
  • “Perceived Threat” – Elisa Koopmans
  • “Spying” – Norman Keifetz
  • “Can Openers” – Mal Jones
  • “Outing the Mermaid” – Ann Medlock
  • “Spare Me” – Vinny Minchillo
  • “Better to Give Than Deceive” – Charlene Kobrine
  • “Beleaguered Truth” – William Messenger
  • “The Garden of Unfortunate Souls” – Eddie Mark

WINNER: “The Conscious Leader” – Shelley Reciniello
RUNNER-UP: “Ctrl + Alt + Believe” – Holly Duckworth
  • “Street Smart Selling” – Daniel Milstein
  • “The Fracking Truth” – Chris Aiello
  • “Selling Energy” – Mark Jewell
  • “The HR Lawyer Within You” – Robert D. Hudson
  • “Agile Readiness” – Thomas Wise/Ruben Daniel

WINNER: “One Hundred Years of Valor” – Paul Hashagen
RUNNER-UP: “Hollywood Clown” – Jason Lassen
  • “Best Little Stories from World War I” – C. Brian Kelly and Ingrid Smyer
  • “My Razzle Dazzle” – Todd Peterson
  • “Leverage: The Science of Turning Setbacks Into Springboards” – Claire Dorotik-Nana
  • “Cheating, Dishonesty and Manipulation: Why Bright Kids Do It” – Kate Maupin
  • “Pilgrim Wheels” – Neil Hanson
  • “Fire in a Small Town” – Ken and Kris Bilderback
  • “The School Reform Landscape” – Christopher H. Tienken/Donald C. Orlich
  • “Law and Order at the End of the Oregon Trail” – Ken and Kris Bilderback
  • “The Power and the Peril of Oil” – Firooz Zadeh
  • “Building Better Humans” - David and Lisa Davoust
  • “Days of Love” – Elise Rolle
  • “Wrapped in the Flag of Israel” – Smadar Lavie
  • “Right to Know – The Sperm Donor’s Identity” – Kattoju Rao
  • “Creating Joy & Meaning for the Dementia Patient” – Ronda Parsons
  • “Managing Bubbie” – Russel Lazega
  • “Muriel Spark – Time In Her Fiction” – Linette Bruno
  • “The ‘Secret’ Nurse Coach” – Charlotte Jones
  • “The Sphinx and Stonehenge Connection” – Faith Booysen
  • “Liberia: Emerging from the Shadows” – Wayne Schoenfeld
  • “Mom Taught Values with Quotes and Proverbs” – Phyllis M. Boyce
  • “Free Yourself from Workplace Bullying” – Aryanne Oade
  • “Philosophy of Fearism” – Desh Subba
  • “Adventures of the Soul” – Joseph Soler
  • “Through a Daughter’s Eyes” – Natalie Manns
  • “A New Perspective on Race-Related Problems” – Jermel Shim

WINNER: “Reading the Muslim Mind” – Hassan Hathout
RUNNER-UP: “This. Only This.” – Michael Brooks
  • “A God for All Seasons” – Patti Tingen
  • “The Magic of Quantum Living” – Edwin Nel
  • “God, I Was Wondering…” – Kenneth E. Rupert
  • “Awaken Your Greater Health” – Heidi Dupre
  • “Seasons of Transition” – Vince Blaize
  • “My Three Trees and the Spiritual Journey Within” – Angel C. Knox
  • “Abundant Life and Loving God” – Greg Wander
  • “Speaking from Spirit” – RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello
  • “Crossing the Rubicon” – Heidi Connolly
  • “Treasures from the Heart of the King” – Gloria J. Sanford
  • “Unmasking Fear” – Jeanetta Dunlap

WINNER: “New York City A to Z” – Kip Cosson
RUNNER-UP: “Is My Cup Empty?” – Sherri Graves Smith
  • “My Dad Goes to Work” – Ben Tallon
  • “Anchors Aweigh” – Mollie Wilson
  • “The Royal Fables” – Marc Clark
  • “The Reluctant Witch” – Sally O. Lee
  • “Roy G. Biv Is Mad at Me…” – Nancy Guettier
  • “Banana Chronicles: Fishing with Bananas” – Timothy Brower
  • “The Kingdom of Christmas” – Kate Shawcross
  • “The Little Bucket” – Jeffrey Bates
  • “My Daddy Braids My Hair” – Rome Alexander
  • “The Mystery of Popularity” – Cherie Anne Fernandes
  • “In Your Hands” – Hank Leo, Jr.
  • “A,B,C, Disgusting” – Catherine Dawgert
  • “The Little Goat in Africa” – Deborah Smith Ford
  • “Hey, Baby, Look!” – Kate Shannon
  • “Kidding Around NYC” – Suzanne Roche
  • “Love for Logan” – Lori DeMonia
  • “Libellus de Numeros” – Jim West
  • “Eli’s Balloon” – Candace Ruffin
  • “Parents for Sale” – Nicole Audet
  • “The Big Ceremony” – Ozi Okaro
  • “Mr. Dooley’s Circus” - Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas
  • “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry” – Julianna Pang
  • “Let’s Change That! If Animals Can, We Can, Too! – Bashar Salame
  • “Faith the Ugly Dog” – Kelly Davis Beckley
  • “The Thankful List” – Babette Jackson
  • “Can You Buy Me the Wind?” – Steve Schoenfeld
  • “A Wish for Algie” – Carol Lee Owen
  • “I Hate Pinatas” – Heather Collins
  • “American Amazons” – Alex Gugaeff

WINNER: “Project Lives” – edited by George Carrano, Chelsea Davis, Jonathan Fisher
RUNNER-UP: ““The Alchemy Never Starts or Never Stops” – Mallory Page
  • “The Glow of Paris” – Gary Zuercher

WINNER: “Tweeting Da Vinci” - Ann C. Pizzorusso
RUNNER-UP: “Samson: A Savior Will Rise” – Shawn Hoffman
  • “Green Apple Red Book” – Rebecca Li-Huang
  • “Armor of Glass” – R.M.A. Spears
  • “Pinnacle Lust” – Michelle Dim-St. Pierre
  • “Stories I Tell” – Paul D’Angelo
  • “All About China” – Allison Branscombe
  • “Edgar Allen’s Murder” – A. W. Ingraham
  • “A Fox in the Family” – Jane King
  • “Sighing Woman Tea” – Mark Daniel Seiler
  • “Flawless” – Jennifer McGill-Sadera
  • “In the Shadow of St. Anthony” – Andrew D. Hernon
  • “The New Indians” – Joe Jessup
  • “Fresh Meat’ – Bryce Summers
  • “Love and Happiness” – Benjamin Burgess
  • “Mom on the Road: A Novel” – Allyson Primack

WINNER: “Politics in Post-Cultural America” – Patrick M. Garry
RUNNER-UP: “Home When The Streetlights Come On” – Hank Leo Jr.
  • “Breaking Through” – Girls Right Now

WINNER: “Shanti and the Magic Mandala” – F.T. Camargo
RUNNER-UP: “The Crossings” – Barry Kienzle

  • “Mutasia: The Endless Caverns” – Michael Flynn
  • “The Iron Golem” – Christian Page
  • “Jamaal’s Journey” – John McCormack
  • “A Tale of Two Maidens” – Anne Echols
  • “The Belief in Angels” – J. Dylan Yates
  • “Show Time in Story Town” – M. Catherine Bunton
  • “Through the Woods” – Margie Mack
  • “Heaven Has No Regrets” – Tess Shaffer
  • “Tarzan Wore Chaps” – Woody Barlow
  • “Here” – Jennifer Ball

WINNER: “The Harlot’s Guide to Classy Cocktails” – Jeza Belle


WINNER: “Rich Kids: How To Raise Our Children to Be Happy and Successful in Life” – Tom Corley
RUNNER-UP: “Ravioli Rules” – Al Manganiello
  • “Tending Fences” – Terry Barnett-Martin
  • “Student Teaching: The Inside Scoop…” – Dede Faltot Rittman
  • “The Smart Person’s Guide To Elder Care” – Jodi Lyons
  • “It Really Is That Complicated” – Charles Rawlings
  • “Natural to Knockout” – Carol Brown

WINNER: “Old Earth” – Gary Grossman
RUNNER-UP: “The Universe Builders” – Steve LeBel
  • “Two Brothers: Origin” – Sofia Diana Gabel
  • ”Day of the Dragonking – Terry Irving
  • “Neighbors: An Elise t’hoot Novel” – Mary Ellen Wall
  • “Attack of the Vyperians” – Tim Savage
  • “It’s a Nightmare: The Gold Stone Girl, Book 1” – Nicole Quinn
  • “Nature’s Confession” – J.L. Morin

WINNER: “Life on Base: Quantico Cave” – Tom and Nancy Wise
RUNNER-UP: “The Zombie Squad” – Bryce Summers


WINNER: “Pressed Pennies” – Steven Manchester
RUNNER-UP: “Clan Tuffie” – Trina K. Taylor
  • “An Everlasting Love” – Monica Montgomery
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